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Orthopedic osteopathy is a modern form of manual therapy that focuses on the fast, effective, and successful treatment of problems related to the human skeleton, muscles, and joints.

Ortopeediline Osteopaatia

Orthopedic Osteopathy

The goal of orthopedic osteopathy is to find the main cause of physiological and neurological ailments in the human body (complications caused by illness, trauma, forced postures, muscle pains caused by sudden movements, nerve pains, false positions, muscle tension caused by lifting weights, changes occurring in the body, rapid growth phase, age-related peculiarities in the body, sports, pregnancy, overload, etc.).

There can be many different reasons, and each client’s problem is approached individually.

Orthopedic osteopathy helps with the following health problems:

Back pain, neck pain, headache, balance disorders, shoulder joint pain, hand joint pain, hip joint pain, leg joint pain, loss of sensitivity in arms and legs, chest pain, general muscle cramps, muscle tension, muscle pain, complications from forced posture, recovery from trauma, sports injuries, postural problems, rapid growth phase in children , movement problems, pre-operative joint therapy, post-operative joint recovery, lower back pain during pregnancy, postpartum recovery

It also supports the following health problems:

Back disc prolapse, back stiffness, pulled back, neck dislocation (as a result of trauma or accident), chronic neck pain, smart neck,dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue,hand joint pain, foot joint pain, ankle joint pain,muscle tension, muscle spasms, muscle cramps, limited muscle mobility,nerve pain, neurological pain, chest pain, sciatic nerve pain or sciatica,posture problems, smart neck,complications from working in a forced position,sports injuries and trauma recovery,tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow (lateral or medial epicondylitis),pediatric problems, pre-operative therapy of joints and muscles and post-operative recovery,pregnancy-related ailments and postpartum recovery,stress and anxiety,digestive problems,breathing difficulties,menstrual problems,carpal tunnel syndrome,plantar Fasciitis or inflammation of the plantar fascia,TML or temporomandibular joint dysfunction(diseases of the temporal bone-mandibular joint),fibromygalia or muscular rheumatism,tendonitis or tenovaginitis or tendovaginitis or tenosynovitis,arthritis, degeneration or destruction of osteoarthritis or articular cartilage,bursitis, or inflammation of the bursa

Meelis Laupa

Meelis Laupa

Orthopedic osteopath

“Orthopedic osteopathy has changed both my own life and the lives of many of my clients. The human body is such a wonderfully integrated system that must be trusted. I am pleased to be able to apply my knowledge and skills daily and to help clients who may feel hopeless.”

Founder and CEO of Ortho Ltd

Meelis Laupa


Completed 4 years of training at the School of Orthopedic Osteopathy (Ortopedisen Osteopatian Koulutuskeskus) in Helising, Republic of Finland.

Professional certificate

Professional certificate number 24006888242

Professional certificate link https://julkiterhikki.valvira.fi/

Orthopedic Osteopathy Training Center Helsinki, Republic of Finland


Meelis Laupa is a qualified orthopedic osteopath and has completed four years of training at the School of Orthopedic Osteopathy (Ortopedisen Osteopatian Koulutuskeskus) in Helising, Republic of Finland. He has been involved in various forms of manual therapy since 2003 and combines the knowledge acquired over 20 years to offer each client the best possible treatment result. Meelis is actively engaged in orthopedic osteopathy in both Estonia and Finland.

Beginning of the operating year

Orthopedic osteopathy started operations in 2016 with the aim of offering modern and effective manual therapy to customers in Estonia and Finland. Orthopedic osteopathy is a form of therapy that has evolved over the years from osteopathy and pays more attention to orthopedic solutions. By combining the strengths of both osteopathy and orthopedics, a method has been achieved that supports clients in solving a wide range of health problems.

Ortopeediline Osteopaatia

Advantages of orthopedic osteopathy

The treatment is fast and effective, as solutions to various health problems can be obtained within just a 45-minute session.

During the appointment, an overview of issues affecting the entire body is provided, including those in the early stages or ones that the client may not yet be experiencing symptoms for.

Orthopedic osteopathy has helped many people whose health problems have not previously found a solution. An orthopedic osteopath operates with professionalism and ethics in their work and, if necessary, recommends that the client seek further consultation with a neurologist, orthopedist, surgeon, or another specialist in the field.

Orthopedic osteopathy is suitable for all clients, from children and pregnant women to the elderly and those with special needs, as it is more easily tolerated by the body than many other manual therapy methods and ensures a personalized approach to each client according to their health condition and physical fitness.

Orthopedic osteopathy has no side effects, and the treatment method is always safe. Orthopedic osteopathy does not use medication for treatment; the entire treatment is performed manually, using hands, to improve the mobility of the muscles and joints.

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