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You, as an employer, have a unique opportunity to take the next step, save valuable time and offer employees, in addition to the usual sports support and health insurance, a useful motivation package for you, which helps to effectively improve the health of employees, increase satisfaction with the working environment and, at the same time, raise the reputation of the employer.

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Orthopedic Osteopathy offers various cooperation opportunities for business clients whose interest is in promoting healthy lifestyles of employees, improving modern motivation packages and increasing job satisfaction in the company. We can be a strategic partner for the company’s management in maintaining a good physical condition of employees and preventing various occupational diseases of a physical nature.

For every entrepreneur, it is important to maintain the health of employees, ensure a safe working environment and prevent various ailments that arise from working in forced positions – for example, office work, work with a computer, line work, lifting weights, physical exertion, constant movement.

What are the advantages of cooperation with Orthopedic Osteopathy?

The services of Orthopedic Osteopathy are suitable for all employees of the company, regardless of the nature of the work or the employee’s physical condition. Services can be customized to meet the needs of each employee.

The services of Orthopedic Osteopathy are of high quality, and the services are provided by a qualified osteopath who has better knowledge of the physical ailments of the human body than, for example, a masseur.

Orthopedic Osteopathy is faster, more effective and has a more permanent result than individual massages or long-term treatments in physiotherapy. The employee receives help in 1-2 sessions, which can be proportional to a whole massage session (10 times).

By regularly using the services of Orthopedic Osteopathy, it is possible to prevent early employee ailments (stiff neck and shoulder girdle, back pain, limited movement, nerve pain, various complications that arise in forced positions or work sections requiring heavy physical exertion).

Orthopedic Osteopathy is cost-effective for the company, because the service is compact and it is possible to solve several health concerns during the session.

Orthopedic Osteopathy is an excellent complement to health sports, physiotherapy and massage.

Orthopedic Osteopathy services are included in the list of rehabilitation services covered by the employee health insurance.

Discounted prices apply to business customers based on the volume of ordered services.

The employer’s support of the Orthopedic Osteopathy service can also be one of the important ESG activities in your company.

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Reception of an orthopedic osteopath for an adult, 45 min

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Osteopathic neck and shoulder girdle therapy 30 min

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Osteopathic massage 45 min

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