Orthopedic osteopathy is a modern form of manual therapy that focuses on the fast, effective, and successful treatment of problems related to the human skeleton, muscles, and joints.

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I turned to Meelis with lower back pain, which greatly disturbed my daily life: it was difficult to walk, bend over, I couldn't run and do sports, my sleep was disturbed. I knew that such problems could be quickly helped by an osteopath. Already during the first reception, halfway through the session, I was able to turn and sit up without pain! Meelis mentioned that the problem spot may feel a little in the following days, but after a while everything should be fine. And that's exactly what happened! Already on the first day, I was able to turn away from pain again and sleep peacefully at night, and on the 4th day after the visit, I was already doing my usual yoga exercises. Many, many thanks to Meelis for the quick and professional help!

Natalja Mälton
Happy client

Due to the nature of my work and my age, I have developed tension and pain in my neck and back. I turned to Meelis for help. I now go to appointments regularly to prevent problems from reoccurring. I am very satisfied and have almost forgotten the pain that caused me to turn to Meelis.

Žanna Abel
Happy client

Hello!  I have struggled with many different health problems for many years, visited many doctors, had surgeries, received treatment (sometimes false treatment), tried to help myself both internally and externally.  The very first appointment at the Orthopedic Osteopathy office brought me clarity on so many things that are happening with my body, in addition, I already got rid of a significant part of the hump on the back of my head and I can properly keep my back straight.  It is good and much easier to be when someone helps you to look for causes and find solutions, how you can help yourself first, instead of prescribing the next batch of drugs. And sometimes we may want to help ourselves a lot, but first we need someone to explain HOW to do it right and to "rattle" you a bit, so that you can do anything at all.   Thank you! Anyway, I am very grateful!

Anneli Raidma
Happy client

On my first visit to the osteopath Meelis, I was doubtful at first. But my insecurities turned out to be useless, the service was very professional, my doubt of tension was dispelled by a very friendly attitude, and to my surprise, I was able to fix the neck problem that had been bothering me while sleeping for years already in the first session. I was very satisfied with the result and have recommended Meelis to my friends.

Lii Vatsfeldt
Happy client

I came to Meelis because of the pain in my legs and heels. Since it was my first time seeing an osteopath, I didn't expect anything, but the result was very liberating. After working through my whole body, I felt very "light", fresh and like a new person. I was never in pain during the procedure and I enjoyed the "rattling". Even after the first time, the pain is much less, and I also received recommendations for home exercises. I will definitely continue to use this service.

Marii Laipaik
Happy client

As a typical brave woman, I came to the orthopedic osteopath only when tears came to my eyes after moving my hand. The elbow was constantly aching, and pressing the palm together caused pain in the whole arm. After the first visit, I also got the exercises that I did at home. When I went to the next visit, the hand pain was almost gone. After the second session, I haven't had any more pain and it's been over a year.

Meeli Valdna
Happy client

I turned to Meelis Laupa with my six-month hip pain. There was no previous osteopathy experience. I received professional feedback on my concerns and answers to my questions. In addition to the hip problem, he also found all the other ailments that were currently in the so-called background and which I had not talked about yet. So the whole body got help and relief.

Signe Keernik
Happy client

Many thanks to Meelis Laupa from Ortost OÜ st! If at one point you discover that you don't know whether you have fallen asleep on your shoulder or pulled something while carrying a suitcase with briefcases, so that your shoulder hurts and if you still can't move your arm anymore, then you will understand that something is wrong, you have visited a doctor, you have a blockade injection and still nothing - yes, it didn't hurt so bad anymore, but the arm still didn't move from the shoulder. I couldn't get dressed anymore because my arm just wouldn't bend. I mustered up the courage, followed Meelis' talk and the first time was already enough when things started to improve, I went for the second time as well and I really got my shoulder fixed and of course I also did the exercises recommended by Meelis. Many thanks Meelis Lupa!

Merli Uig
Happy client

The neck was stiff and even walking was difficult and painful. Meelis found the fault in the hips instead, which was also confirmed by X-ray. The hips, in turn, put tension on the back and neck, and after those tensions were relieved, life became much more beautiful. The mobility of the back  restored in a couple of times. If the back or neck is still a problem, orthopedic osteopathy helps because it stimulates the muscles to restore the normal position of the skeleton, rather than simply snapping it into place. If tension remains in the muscles, you can be sure that this link or joint will be pulled out of place again. The power of muscles is much greater than we consciously know how to use. Getting help doesn't mean you don't need to properly empower yourself after the instructions you receive. Thanks for the help and tutorials!

Tõnu Steinberg
Happy client

My son (12 years old) developed severe knee pain. The family doctor diagnosed Osgood-Schlatter disease due to sports load and growth. Since the laser treatment did not help, I turned to Meelis in trouble. Half an hour of twisting and stretching and the boy's pains were forgotten.   I was forced to ask for help because of lower back pain. I also received relief from Meelis Laupa's office. If getting rid of some pain already seems hopeless, I definitely recommend asking Meelis for help!

Ergo Rikkand
Happy client

Meelis Laupa is a true professional in the field of osteopathy. His professionalism and skillful osteopathic treatment   me quickly solve my right shoulder problems. I am grateful for his dedication and expertise and would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for an effective solution to muscle and joint problems.

Enn Tobreluts
Happy client

I initially came to osteopath Meelis with my back problem when I needed emergency help, and just a few days later I was able to successfully go on a backpacking trip. It seemed unbelievable, but Meelis' work really helped immediately. In retrospect, I would recommend going to his appointment proactively and/or in case of long-term problems, because the result is immediately felt, but also long-term!

Helen Kari
Happy client

I struggled with shoulder pain for several years (2016-2017). My family doctor said I had a so-called "frozen shoulder" because I could no longer raise my arm above my shoulder and suggested I go to a chiropractor. I visited two chiropractors in a year, one referred me to another and the second after the 10th appointment told me to take painkillers three times a day for two weeks, that he couldn't help. I'm not the kind of person who swallows pills. I wanted to get real help, not numbing the pain. Looking for additional options, I came across an osteopath in Tallinn, who, unfortunately, didn't get help either. Fortunately, I remembered that I had seen the information shared by a friend about the Orthopedic Osteopath, I looked for this post and, without giving in to the desire to get my arm and shoulder functioning again, I booked an appointment with Meelis in Tartu. While kneading and inspecting my shoulder, he found pain points. I liked Meelis' thoroughness, where he showed on the anatomy map which nerves I had blocked. He gave me several exercises that I had to do several times a day every day. No other specialist gave me exercises. My desire to heal and consistency with the exercises eased my condition already in the first month. I visited Meelis once a month and three times was enough for me, i.e. it took 2 months to heal from the first visit. The exercise plan he gave me (which was different every month) and my own consistency in doing these exercises for the purpose of healing led to the goal. My arm and shoulder are fine so far (today 14.03.2024). I always recommend Meelis to friends. Thank you.

Elle Muuga
Happy client

Visiting an osteopath was a surprisingly effective experience for me. Meelis was able to eliminate the nerve pain that the doctor could not solve for weeks in one visit. Meelis' approach is very personal - before acting, he conducts a thorough interview of the client, taking into account his concerns. I definitely recommend visiting Meelis, as his individual approach ensures effective help.

Jana Karimova
Happy client

In addition to my 13 years of flying, I have gone to many places to get help for my back pain. I have to admit that I was already giving up until I found Meelis a few years ago. Who was able to make me a new person in 45 minutes. If at first I was terribly afraid that it would hurt, it was just my own fear. Because a person can get used to pain, which is constant, but how to get used to the idea that someone will come and crack me through. He explained what each movement does and what affects what. Just getting this information helped and what my body was like after the visit. I would have been ready to run a marathon. Since my work is constantly standing and sitting in a forced position, I know that I will always turn to him in the future.

Liilia Pajoste
Happy client

I do recreational sports every day and go running. At one point, I developed pain in my right hip and lower back, which made it difficult for me to do sports. At first I thought that this pain and discomfort would just pass with time. After a month, my problems got worse and I started looking into what to do, because taking painkillers constantly was no longer the answer. I turned to Meelis Laupa and received very effective help with a back problem that prevented me from doing sports. My problem was solved in two sessions, and I definitely recommend an orthopedic osteopathy appointment for sports injuries.

Signe Toom
Happy client
Ortopeediline Osteopaatia

Advantages of orthopedic osteopathy

The treatment is fast and effective, as solutions to various health problems can be obtained within just a 45-minute session.

During the appointment, an overview of issues affecting the entire body is provided, including those in the early stages or ones that the client may not yet be experiencing symptoms for.

Orthopedic osteopathy has helped many people whose health problems have not previously found a solution. An orthopedic osteopath operates with professionalism and ethics in their work and, if necessary, recommends that the client seek further consultation with a neurologist, orthopedist, surgeon, or another specialist in the field.

Orthopedic osteopathy is suitable for all clients, from children and pregnant women to the elderly and those with special needs, as it is more easily tolerated by the body than many other manual therapy methods and ensures a personalized approach to each client according to their health condition and physical fitness.

Orthopedic osteopathy has no side effects, and the treatment method is always safe. Orthopedic osteopathy does not use medication for treatment; the entire treatment is performed manually, using hands, to improve the mobility of the muscles and joints.

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